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I can be contacted by email or phone. My email is I can be contacted through my home phone, 309-455-4220, or my cell phone, 217-693-1249. I no longer monitor my Facebook page.

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In regards to ordering, please use Paypal. In order to do so, use it with the previously stated email address and choose the option “purchase goods or services.” In the notes box please list each item you would like to purchase.

Shipping is your choice, but I prefer USPS as I can ship asap. I will ship overseas. However, if you choose not to have tracking or have insurance for the full amount of the purchase, you assume all risk. Few countries have tracking systems compatible with USPS tracking. As such, if you want tracking, another method of shipping would be needed. It is notable that other methods, such as UPS and FedEx, are not cheap when it comes to shipping overseas via this method.

I no longer ship to the Federal Republic of Germany. If you live in the FRG and wish to make a purchase you will need an alternate shipping address outside the FRG.


Please contact me about Variant Sheet availability before you order. Several items are currently out of stock and I do not know when they will be available again.

All maps come untrimmed. They can be trimmed by the vendor for a fee of $10.00 each. I do not have the hand eye coordination after several strokes to trim them properly. Moreover, I no longer offer paper maps. All maps are vinyl.

Northern Europe Map is available now. I will post a pic of it soon. Price will be $100.00. Counter Set for missing Clash of Titans units is also available. Price will be $40.00. I also have some Laser Cut Variant Sheets available. Pics will be up soon. Price for each sheet will be $44.00.

New stock in!!
French Variant 15 Laser Cut
Greek Variant Laser Cut
Yugoslav Variant Laser Cut
Fall Grün Laser Cut
Fall Grün Die Cut
German Combat and Mechanized Variant. Laser Cut. Price is $44.00
I have One Southern Europe Map on Vinyl.

Out of stock items
Counter Sheets 10 and 11 Die Cut.
Counter sheet 15 Die Cut.
Counter Sheet 18
Central Europe-New version
All All items are on order but when I will get is not know at this time.


My second Game is called Empire Reborn. A hypothetical Hungarian Invasion of Romania in the spring of 1939. Just after a defeat of Germany at the hands of the Czech Army. This will be done after OoB is finished.

I will be doing, after receiving permission from John Astell, his Soviet Re Rated Air Units. Lots of work for this variant.

Here is the preliminary 1st part of the Hungarian and aligned OB. There is a new symbol being used. The reserve plus infantry combination is for Conscript or local drafting of semi trained Soldiers.

Empire Reborn CS1 Front

The White on German Grey are German Freikorps Troops, The Red on German Grey are semi autonomous Austrian Freikorps troops and the Brown on German Grey are SA Troops. Work on the initial Romanian OB has started. Look for the French Foreign Legion to make an appearance to make things interesting. I am also going to a more liberal Cadre system. Infantry XX with a strength of at least 3 will get one. X’s with a strength of 4 will also get one.

If you would be interested in play testing, even solitaire, please contact me and we can work something out.

I also plan to offer all counter sheets in both laser and die cut versions. That is in the process and will be done soon.