Here is the mapping project. When done it will show all of Europe and North Africa is one style of artwork. Mostly my own but a couple of features were done by someone else who wishes not to associate with me in public. 😛

Updated Map. Quite a bit done on it.

Now, as of Dec 30, 2016

As of February 13, 2018
A lot more done.

Central Europe is $75.00
Southern Europe is $90.00
Fall Grün Map is $16.99
Empire Reborn Map is $14.99

Central Europe
Old Version that was a stand alone drawing. It will not match up to the newer maps ripped from the larger pic above
Central Europe Medium

Price: $20.99

United Kingdom and Ireland Map
This map will mate up with GRD maps of France and can used in any kind of Sea Lion scenario. It also mates up with my
old Central Europe Map

Price: $16.99