Fall Grün


September 30, 1938. British Prime Minister leaves Munich with no agreement and no piece of
paper to wave at a adoring crowd. In Prague, President Benes meets with his government and the decision
to resist is made.

October 1, 1938. The rumble of German war machinery is heard across the border. The time has come. Will the
Czechoslovaks fend off the nazi aggressor or will this be the start of a
Blitzkreig Unending?
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Empire Reborn Top


Empire Reborn.

May11, 1939. Following the German defeat at the hands of the Czechoslovaks and the entire order of Europe in chaos,
the decision is made in Budapest, that it is time to reclaim some of the lost territories. The Hungarian Army is
mobilized, reinforced with German equipment that been interned, and readied for battle. Can the ill prepared Romanians win this war or will they witness the beginning of a Empire Reborn?

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